What is a bleed (printing)

A bleed (printing) is a lap of the printed document, which prevents from a white thin margin of non printed space. It is necessary to use it with all the documents where you want the colour to be everywhere, even in the edges. A bleed document is always printed on a bigger printing sheet (3 mm more), than is the wanted format. There must be cutting marks which later help to cut out the wanted format.

What are printing data?

Printing data are data in suitable quality with a bleed with cutting marks. If you zoom the motive on your screen, it must not be blurry. Send PDF, not Word documents. If you are not sure about your data quality, send it for checking.

What is a printing sheet?

The most common paper format is SRA3 (450×320 mm). Printable area is 442 x 312 mm.

What is the size of A4?

These are the most common printing formats: DL (1/3 A4): 99×210 mm, A6: 105×148 mm, A5: 148×210 mm, A4: 210×297 mm, A3: 297×420 mm, A2: 420×594 mm, A1: 594 × 840 mm, B2: 500 x 707 mm, B1: 707 x 1000 mm.

What are your payment terms?

The customers pay in cash or by card when collecting the goods. In case of using the mail delivery system the payment is collected on delivery. 10 day due invoices are given only to our regular customers.

How to send printing data?

The best way to send printing data is via e-mail (data larger than 45 MB via www.uschovna.cz). Send your data with the order and printing specifications. You can also use our web form.

How to pick up my order?

Finished products can be collected in our printing store. It can also be sent by mail delivery system (cash on delivery). Large size orders can be delivered by our store. We always inform about order completion via a text message or an e-mail.

When is it ready?

The term of order completion is always individual; it depends on the type of printing material. We always provide the information about price and order completion together.

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