Price list

Basic price list

Colour print A44,50 Kč
Colour print A39 Kč
Colour print A2from 25 Kč
Colour print A1from 50 Kč

Discount price

  • from 1000 copies A4 -10%
  • from 2000 copies A4 -40%
  • from 3000 copies A4 -60%

Let us calculate the price

Specific price list

Low print-run

Single- sided colour print (4+0)

Standard paper

 100 g/m2170 g/m2250 g/m2
A44,50 Kč5 Kč5,50 Kč
A39 Kč10 Kč11 Kč

Double-sided colour print (4+4)

Standard paper

 100 g/m2170 g/m2250 g/m2
A48,50 Kč9 Kč9,50 Kč
A317 Kč18 Kč19 Kč

Single-sided black and white print (1+0)

Standard paper

 80 g/m2170 g/m2250 g/m2
A41 Kč1,50 Kč2 Kč
A31,90 Kč2,90 Kč3,90 Kč

Extra charges for special materials

Structured paper

For example Rives

 100 g/m2170 g/m2250 g/m2
A4+5 Kč+8 Kč+10 Kč

Print products up to A3+ must have non printable margins of 3 mm. We provide a great colour quality and stability. We can typeset your data on printing paper or make full pre-press process.

Paper: We also print on special and structured paper.

Data: .pdf, .eps, .ai

Price: Given price list is without VAT and data processing. Minimal price charged is 100,- Kč. We offer discounts for large quantities.



Single-sided (4+0)

Standard paper

 130 g/m2
A2from 25 Kč
A1from50 Kč
A0from 100 Kč
B2from 35 Kč
B1from 70 Kč
B0from 140 Kč

Poster printing: Our posters can stand long term UV radiation.

Paper: Weight up to 250 g/m², we do not print on other papers but ours.

Data: .pdf or .eps, .ai.

Collect terms: usually within 24 hours.

Price: Given price list is without VAT, data processing and entrance fee of 250,- Kč + VAT per a file. We offer discounts for large quantities.